Headquartered in suburban Philadelphia, MLA Claims is one of the nation's most accomplished property loss consulting firms. MLA Claims consists of public insurance adjusters and property loss consultants that work exclusively for you, the policyholder. Our specialist have experience with all types of insured properties, business interruption and extra expense losses.




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"After our home sustained smoke and water damage from a fire, we received varying advice from well intended friends and family. While some of them told us not to hire a public adjuster, one of the owners at the company Matt works for strongly recommended that we at least talk to you.

During this rough period of time for us, it was the best advice we received! Thank you for your personal attention, sensitivity, and appreciation for how important the insurance proceeds were to our family’s financial recovery."

Matt and Heather Domsohn

"After we sustained flood damage to our home in Radnor, we attempted to handle the claim on our own; this was our biggest mistake! After many months of very little progress, several of our friends recommended we contact MLA Claims; this was our best move! MLA was able to get us more than six times the amount we were able to get on our own. MLA is simply the best; we would never attempt to handle a homeowner’s claim without them."

Abiri Family

“Throughout the claims process, it became unequivocally clear that the only people besides our own employees that were dedicated to protecting Universal Health Services’ interests was MLA Claims. Contrary to our broker’s opinion and the insurance company adjuster’s initial offer, MLA was able to negotiate a significant multi-million dollar settlement.”

Bob Engelhard
Director of Corporate Insurance
Universal Health Services, Inc


"Despite paying premiums for years, when we filed our first homeowner's claim after unprecedented consecutive snowstorms hit our area, our insurance company was reluctant to cover our claim which stemmed from the weight of ice and snow. They sent us a reservation of rights letter, assigned an adjuster that would not commit, and employed an engineer. Simply stated, our insurance company hired professionals to protect its interests, we are glad we did too. Thank you for helping us obtain coverage, and for securing us a fair settlement amount."

Jamie and Jeffrey Lincow         

"My company, APB Transportation, located in northeast Philadelphia experienced a seven alarm fire which burned over 100,000 square feet of warehouse and office. When one incurs a loss, the insurance carrier will pay subject matter experts to protect its interests; the insured must do the same. After doing our due diligence, we chose MLA Claims to represent us. Consistent with its reputation, MLA Claims achieved a stellar result for my company."

Andrew M. Kronfeld
APB Transportation


"When I was first referred to you, I looked at your web site and saw a number of letters that overflowed with praise. People couldn’t thank you enough. Now having gone through this experience, I think they were all understated. I want to thank you one more time for helping my wife and me go through one of the most difficult times in our lives.

As you know our home was two blocks from the World Trade Center, and it sustained damage. Your knowledge of the industry, your professionalism, your persistence, and your attention to detail accomplished what seemed un-accomplishable.

I think the most telling moment of the entire ordeal was when you, I and my wife were meeting with the second insurance adjuster reviewing the claim, and he looked up and said, 'Which insurance company were you with before you did this?' You replied that you hadn't been employed by an insurer, and he looked surprised and said, 'You just have such a sensible approach. I thought you were an insurance guy.'

I really appreciate how sensible you are.  Thanks again."

Dr. Robert Schachter

"As we approach the close of our negotiations with our insurance carrier, we wanted to express our appreciation for everything you did on our behalf. Your attention to detail and commitment to our cause was exemplary... Please accept our heartfelt thanks for being on our side and for a job well done."

George Vangieri
George Auto Supply

“It was very comforting to have a true professional stand by us through all of our trials and tribulations. Your dedication and personal attention to our claim went beyond the call of professional duty…Without you, I am not sure we would have ever settled favorably with the insurance company.”

Paola Amico
Mama Maria’s Italian Restaurant


"After a pipe froze in my house during the Polar Vortex, most of my first floor and my entire basement were destroyed. With everything else on my plate, it was reassuring to have MLA Claims watching out for my interests. While the financial result was great, I do not want to diminish the value of MLA’s support in my time of need. The tireless efforts the MLA team put forth in preparing building repair estimates and contents inventories alleviated me of this burden and was of great value in both the settlement process and reconstruction of my home."

Carolina Alzate

After seeing the advantages of utilizing professional claims representation, I doubt that I will ever deal with the National Flood Insurance Program, or any other catastrophic insurer without you.  Your knowledge, drive and unrelenting focus on each detail of our claim resulted in a settlement that exceeded our expectations…I would highly recommend the services of your firm to anyone who suffers the misfortune of a loss and any resulting insurance claims process.”

Robert J. Florig
RJ Florig Industrial


"MLA Claims involvement yielded a recovery that was exponentially greater than our settlement would have been had we not engaged their services. MLA Claims was able to identify damages hidden to us which were not included in the insurance company representative’s original estimate."

Patti and Rob Weiser

“Thank you for your excellent efforts on our behalf regarding the fire restoration work for our property. We truly appreciated your expertise in representing Meadowview Court during our negotiations with all parties involved in the restoration process.”

Robert A. Henofer
Agent for Owner
Meadowview Court Apartments


"Lynne and I wish to thank you for the timely and excellent resolution to our fire claim.  Your efforts have made our life so much easier."

Lynne and Leonard Barrack


"After sustaining major water damage to our home in Haverford, it became clear to us that damage is subjective. Without MLA Claims’ technical expertise and advocacy, we would never have been able to prove to the satisfaction of our insurance carrier, the damages to our elaborate A/V system. Having MLA Claims on our side leveled the playing field between us and our insurance carrier."

Jon and Christina Miller